Welding Consultants and Inspection Services
PT of Material cracking of High pressure steam pipe Gamma ray Rust Problems HP steam pipe material cracking K-0102T FG Fan turbine During Leak caused by CUI of HP stem pipe Power Generator Heat Exchanger bundle Petro Chem MT of impellor Visible MT steam leak crack area Cracking in welds

Our Guarantee

We at INSPEC Ltd Welding Consultants and Inspections Services care about the future of our industry within New Zealand. With this in mind, we not only train our personnel in the best and approved methods, but also take the time to guide attitudes toward the work being carried out.

We guarantee that in working for your company, we will not simply listen, but work together with your business to gain a better understanding and accomplishment of its ambitions and objectives.

We will never forget that we are a service to our clients and if we do not give a good service that meets our and your expectations, then we do not deserve your business.