Welding Consultants and Inspection Services
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INSPEC Ltd has long held the respect and revere of many companies around New Zealand. Clients whom we have longstanding business relationships with, via inspection and maintenance programmes are:

•       Refining NZ (NZRC)

Over the past 15 years, our inspectors have undertaken many different roles at the New Zealand Refining Company. Throughout the two-year construction of the Future Fuels Project at NZRC, the system and co-ordination of many of the sub-contractors was undertaken by INSPEC Ltd in conjunction with Foster Wheeler personnel. Certification of all pressure equipment including vessels, fired heaters, furnaces, heat exchangers and piping in this area was carried out to PECPR regulations by INSPEC Ltd.

During the 1990's, employees from INSPEC Ltd aided NZRC's CUI team in the initial set-up of systems and organisation that is still running today. The same workforce was also used to train the personnel that followed to continue the current CUI inspections.

The utilisation of our IANZ approved Statutory Inspection status allows us to provide the inspection findings, final acceptance of findings and the planning of future maintenance systems to NZRC without the costly time delays of waiting for final approval. NZRC also benefit from out IANZ accredited Statutory and Non-Destructive Testing inspectors; for third-party inspection throughout the fabrication of the new plant.

•       Methanex NZ Ltd

Inspec first provided inspection and NDT services to Methanex New Zealand Limited in 2008. The range of services provided has included performing statutory inspections, NDT and condition assessment of pressure equipment, and piping, tanks, structures and fabrication inspection during repair or replacement of various items. Inspec staff are conversant with Methanex asset management software and assist with risk based inspection (RBI) assessment, inspection planning and execution. Our inspectors and NDT technicians have also assisted with inspection and test plans for turn around and maintainance.